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Incident Reporting

Polydelphia Safety Report Procedure

To view the form or make a report:


  • Report is made via Google form or personal contact to a steering committee member.
  • Steering committee members recuse themselves if relation to a reporter or person being reported is a concern.
  • Steering committee may reach out to event hosts and/or other members of the community, with reporter’s consent.
  • Steering committee discusses and decides on action to be taken, following a general policy of believing survivors and looking out for the safety of the group as a whole.
  • Action is taken, keeping reporter anonymous.


  • A report is taken, through the Google form or personally by a steering committee member. If someone contacts us through the form, we will follow up with them personally as long as they have consented to this.
    • Generally the goals here are:
      • Believing the report brought to us
      • Clarifying any important details of what happened
  • Before any details are shared with all of the admins, a recusal process takes place.
    • A reporter is able to ask any admins to step out of the conversation at any time, and that admin will do so without questions.
    • Admins recuse themselves from participating in discussion about a report if the report involves:
      • The admin themselves
      • A partner or ex-partner
      • A metamour
      • A family member
      • A friend
      • Anyone the admin feels they might be biased in discussing
    • Recusal process happens in 3 steps:
      • First, the name of the person being reported is shared, and admins recuse if need be.
      • The name of the person making the report is shared, and admins recuse themselves if need be.
      • The general nature of the incident is shared, and admins recuse themselves if need be (mostly in the event that an admin is feeling like they will be triggered by a specific topic at the time)
    • Once an admin recuses themselves, the conversation continues in a separate channel, and they will not learn any more information about the report made.
      • They are not witness to the steps following the one which led them to recuse - meaning, if someone recuses themselves because of a person being reported, they will never learn the name of the person who made the report.
      • All admins will eventually know what action is taken - for example, if someone is banned from the group, that is information that can be shared with all admins without sharing other details.
  • Steering committee may opt to reach out to other members of Polydelphia or the community at large (with the consent of the reporter), such as:
    • Hosts of an event where an incident took place.
    • Anyone else the reporter suggests might also be victims and wanting to share with us.
  • Steering committee discusses what action will be taken, taking into account:
    • The desire of the person making the report
    • Any other reports we might have about the same person
    • The safety of the group at large
  • Before taking action, an admin reaches out to the reporter again to:
    • Discuss any further developments that can be shared
    • Share with them what action the steering committee has decided to take, and make sure they are in a safe place regarding this action
  • Reporter is kept anonymous during this entire process
    • If someone is removed from the group, they will not learn the name(s) of the person/people who reported them or any identifying details.
  • 6-12 months later, we may follow up with a reporter to ask if they are happy with the process & result.
  • As of now, we have no public “black list” and no official process for sharing information with other organizations and groups. These are things that should be discussed in detail with input from the community.